Quality Test & Inspection Products

Teledyne TapTone provides inspection systems which enable packagers to test, analyze, pass or reject cans, jars, bottles, and other containers for various types of defects – all in a fraction of a second. TapTone systems are the most cost-effective, high accuracy inspection systems available anywhere in the world.
Teledyne TapTone systems are used for the inspection of seal integrity, leak detection, fill level, fill height, dud detection, and vacuum and pressure levels. Systems are used on packages made of glass, metal or plastic.

Acoustic / Proximity Sensor



Acoustic technology is used to measure pressure or vacuum in containers with metal closures that do not have a measurable lid deflection. The sensor works by applying a “tap” to the top of each container lid using an electromagnetic pulse which excites the closure. The lid vibrates at a natural resonant frequency “tone” based on internal pressure or vacuum. The resultant “tone” signal is sensed by a microphone. The frequency is then compared to user set limits. Containers with a frequency outside these limits are rejected.


Proximity technology measures pressure or vacuum in containers with metal closures by measuring the lid deflection. The sensor produces a continuous magnetic field that monitors the distance between the sensor and the metal lid. The continuous signal is digitally sampled to produce a merit value of the lid profile. The profile value is then compared to user set limits. Containers with lid deflection outside these limits are rejected.

Forse / Compression Sensor



Force technology is designed to find leaks and low pressure in LN2 dosed or carbonated containers. As a container passes through the system, dual parallel belts transport the container past a sensor that measures the tension on the sidewall of the container. This action allows the system to measure the pressure inside the container and automatically reject all containers that fall below or above the acceptable pressure range.


Compression technology detects and rejects leaking and damaged flexible containers. As a container passes through the system, dual parallel belts apply force to the sidewalls of the container. This action compresses the headspace of the container which allows a sensor to take a force measurement at the discharge of the system. Utilizing DSP technology, the controller analyzes the measurement and assigns a merit value to each container. If the merit value is outside of the acceptable range, a reject signal activates a remote reject system.


Safeline Metal Detector


New Safeline Tablex Pro

  • High sensitivity and stability
  • Color touch screen as easy human-interface (Japanese operating panel)
  • Easy to install and disassemble for cleaning
  • Comply with FDA/GMP
  • Data transferable(RS232)
  • High capacity : 10000 pcs./min
  • Material : SUS316
  • Resin for contact part : FDA plastic
  • Access code management
  • Rejection Log and Data memory storage

Charles Ischi AG Charles Ischi AG are the general distributor for Kraemer Elektronik (Germany) and maintains an international sales and service network for Kraemer&Ischi solid dosage forms testing technology equipment.
Compact, space-saving laboratory tablet testers. Efficiently identifying the physical properties of tablets, capsules, tablet cores and granules.
Wear-resistant & reliable automatic tablet testing systems for In-Process Control.

IPC.line CIW6.2


With the automatic CIW weighing system, you can weigh tablets, capsules, and similar products during or after the production process.  For use in Laboratory, R&D, Manufacturing, Quality Control Departments.
The standard device is based on Kraemer’s UTS tablet testing systems and features a tablet separating systems and a special transport starwheel for precisely positioning the specimen on the integrated scale.
All parts requiring cleaning can be removed quickly and easily with no need for tools.

LAB.line P Series


These versatile laboratory testers from the P-series offer you the latest technology, a space-saving design and maximum flexibility. Adapt the basic devices (P2-P5) to your requirements at any time.
The new LAB.line design also boasts numerous practical advantages. Thanks to the generous radii, rounded corners and smooth surface, cleaning is made easy.
The intuitive touch display enables fast, easy operation. The results are shown immediately on the clearly laid out display, and can be printed out or shown as a PDF report.