Logistic & M-Handling Related Products

MagneMotion’s LSM products are an intelligent and efficient alternative to traditional conveyor systems used in industrial automation. A modular, flexible and highly controllable transport and positioning solution for large and small payloads, LSMs use electromagnetic force to propel, position, and track payloads through automated manufacturing, assembly and process automation applications. The result is a system with increased throughput and efficiency and a lower cost of ownership than conventional automation systems.

MagneMover LITE

Fast,Accurate,Programmable Alternative to Conventional Conveyor Systems
The MagneMover LITE (MM LITE) conveyor system (patent pending) incorporates MagneMotion’s proven LSM control technology into a wide array of standard, modular track components to provide a high performance, turnkey, puck-based transport and positioning conveyor system for light payloads. A selection of standard building blocks, each of which is a motorized track section, fit together to form an almost endless variety of layout options. This flexible, stainless steel automation system is ideally suited for environments requiring clean operation and/or wash-down capability (IP65) as well as “track and trace” requirements as each puck is uniquely identified and constantly tracked throughout the system. This product replaces conventional light conveyor systems, significantly increasing throughput and decreasing operating costs. Customers refer to MM LITE as “game changing” technology.

Key Features and Advantages

  • 1kg payload per puck (tandem puck used for loads greater than 1kg)
  • 2m/s puck (carrier) speed and 0.2G acceleration
  • Accurate positioning with no hard stops, bi-directional travel, smooth motion and continuous tracking and reporting
  • Independent motion control of every puck in the system allowing asynchronous flow and unprecedented flexibility
  • Software configuration tools simplify system design and commissioning
  • Not just a conveyor but an accurate, high speed, controlled axis of motion
  • Unique puck IDs facilitate tracking, reporting and prioritizing the routing of individual carriers
  • IP65 wash-down and wipe-down (clean in place) design
  • Few moving parts means very little maintenance
  • No belts, chains, gears or external sensors ensures high reliability
  • Modular, interchangeable track building blocks simplify layout changes
  • Built in anti-collision feature preventing damage to payloads
  • SYNC IT feature allows puck to match the motion of an external system, accurately matching speed and position


The Intelligent Alternative to Traditional Conveyor Systems
MagneMotion’s QuickStick Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) transport and positioning conveyor systems for large loads provides the assembly automation market a faster, cleaner, and more efficient alternative to pallet conveyor systems. LSM modules are available in one meter and half meter lengths with regular or high thrust, perfect for larger payloads and high speed applications. The modules are configured end-to-end creating electro-magnetic force to propel carriers and their payloads through automated assembly and process systems at speeds up to 10 times faster than traditional systems. The result is a conveyor system that provides increased throughput and a lower cost of ownership.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Faster, more efficient process automation
  • Increased production capacity
  • Motors available in regular and high thrust
  • Independent and bi-directional payload propulsion and control
  • Eliminates the need for third party systems to increase throughput
  • Fewer moving parts results in lower maintenance
  • QuickStick (QS) motors can be mounted outside a glove box or enclosure
  • Lower energy requirements due to highly efficient synchronous motors
  • QuickStick systems use vehicles of various lengths based on payload size and performance requirements
  • Vehicles (carriers) travel with no power/communication cables restricting movement allowing long travel distances and superior flexibility
  • Built in anti-collision feature preventing damage to payloads


High Speed Dividing Conveyor Channelizer™


  • High speed automatic dividing conveyor with many installation record
  • Dividing into 2 to 7 channels
  • Compact with robust design
  • Full choice from 4 model (S, M, HD, HD-X)
  • Suitable for customer’s request
  • Stainless type for food and pharmaceutical industry
  • Dividing of Various packaged food and beverage Bread, Cakes and noodles (rapped) Paper tissues Pharmaceutical products